Benefits of Using a Garden Strimmer

Benefits of Using a Garden Strimmer

Given the fact that it only takes a month for garden grass to grow anywhere from two to six inches long, you should be equipped with a tool that can be frequently use and effectively prune without compromising its foundational roots. If you don’t want to use the old school grass scissors which is labor intensive and would take you centuries to finish a small area, then read along and learn more about the benefits of using a garden strimmer. Hopefully this article will help you select the best garden strimmer for your needs.

  • It is versatile to use

Perhaps, the most obvious benefit that you can get out of using a garden strimmer is its versatility. You must take note that not all surfaces of your garden are flat. There are also tight corners that are hard to reach and trim if you use the conventional lawnmower. With the garden strimmer, you can easily use it regardless of terrain and contour.

  • Lightweight and easy to operate

If you think that versatility comes with the burden of carrying a heavy load, then you may be wrong. Most of the models available in the market today are lightweight. It usually weighs one to two kilograms. Some models even have a shoulder strap and a padded belt to lessen the muscle intensity in your hands while holding the unit. And the best part of it all is it is easy to operate. Just turn the power on, and viola, you start cutting grass.

  • You have the option to choose a power source

Garden strimmers can either be powered by electricity, petrol or with built-in rechargeable batteries. The good thing if you use electric-powered units is that you are guaranteed with a high-speed cutting performance which usually has a higher rpm (rotations per minute). However, you will be restricted with the length of the electric cord. So, if you opt for electric powered units, choose the one that has a long cord with a thick insulation.

Petrol-powered units are suited for areas that are large and is far from a power source. On the downside, as the unit gets older, starting the motor may take some time and may need a little bit of maintenance like oil and lubrication. On the other hand, cordless units are powered by NiMH battery that are rechargeable and you can operate the unit wherever you want. However, you are bounded by battery life where most units average an hour of operation. So, opt for the units with a lithium-ion battery which can operate longer and fast charging.

  • You can choose the cutting width

Unlike grass scissors or lawnmowers where your cutting width (also called as swathe) will be limited by the length of the blade, garden strimmers uses flexible monofilament line that can be adjusted and extended if needed. Most models have a swathe ranging from 20 to 35 centimeters. Depending on your need, the monofilament line can be extended up to 40 centimeters as what most professional grass cutters do. This means that the higher the swathe, the faster you can finish the job. But you also must remember that extending the monofilament line requires more power for it to still effectively cut grass. Extending the monofilament line in a low rpm unit will just result in uneven cutting.

While the above-mentioned benefits are the just the direct effects of using a garden strimmer, the real benefit that you can gain has something to do with money and health. Well, obviously, you are freed from hiring the services of a professional grass cutter as you do the grass-cutting yourself. And lastly, you don’t need to spend money for the gym as the side motion of using a garden strimmer burns enough calories and can be compared to a stretching or toning exercise.